Salad Recipes


Taco Salad  •  Recipe

Submitted by Sara Tung (125)

Delicious and easy to make taco salad, brimming with fresh vegetables and garnished with refried beans, taco meat, and enchilada sauce.

Active Time: 30 minutes      Ready In: 30 minutes


Tomato Salad  •  Recipe

Submitted by Sara Tung (125)

Simple salad made of fresh tomatoes and herbs.

Active Time: 15 minutes      Ready In: 15 minutes


Balsamic Salad with Gargonzola and Nuts  •  Recipe

Submitted by Sara Tung (125)

This is a wonderfully delicious salad that makes use of nut and olive oils for flavor.

Active Time: 20 minutes      Ready In: 20 minutes